DAS ZÜNDBLÄTTCHEN No.85 – the tiny mag for art and literature

DAS ZÜNDBLÄTTCHEN – “Überelbische Blätter für Kunst und Literatur” are published by Edition Dreizeichen Meissen

This tiny magazine is curated and edited by the artist  Else Gold. You’ll find the graphic art of an artist together with the texts or poems by an writer.

The artpieces and the texts are shown in exhibitions and lectures. For example in an exibition 2019 “ZB Artistinnen 45/90” in the Werkgalerie in Dresden,  in celebration of the 90th release and for the 100th ZÜNDBLÄTTCHEN in the Evangelical Akademy Meissen 2020.

My poetry was released in the 85th ZÜNDBLÄTTCHEN togehter with works from  Andrew Maximilian Niss .


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